The Athiarchists are a two-piece hardcore thrash metal outfit with punk tendencies; an insane work ethic, and unrelenting DIY attitude.  Hailing from Eugene, Oregon the band consists of Artist Dano Lemm (Vocals/Drums) and Aaron Tunnel, (Guitar/bass/vocals) an organic farmer who lives off the grid when not on tour. Known for playing more than 300 shows a year, sometimes 3 a day, they are the band at the end of the night still playing originals-after a 3 hour set.  Originating in 2006, they’ve played thousands of shows, festivals, and national and West Coast tours. They’re well known for their energetic entertaining live performance, hard work and humble attitude, and have a close rapport with their army of dedicated fans.


They’re notorious for showing up in random places doing renegade shows playing wherever they want; whether it’s a skate park, the Sunset Strip, The Golden God Awards, the 405 Freeway or events like Warped Tour, Uproar Festival, Jägermeister Music Tour, Rockstar Mayhem tour (since 2008)and many other well-known venues and festivals across the US.  In 2010 the band built the Music Adventure Stage, a 24-foot overhauled U-Haul truck with an installed roll up door. Loaded with a 12,500 watt generator, full PA, stage, lighting, gear storage, sleeping bunks and lounge -the band soon became one of the most recognizable acts along the West Coast.  In true punk rock spirit The Athiarchists played the first festivals without permission, but after staunch support from bands on the tour and the backing of their fans, known to picket shows with shirts and signs that said “Support The Athiarchists – Let Them Play!” the band finally grabbed the attention of festival owners and were invited to play the Rockstar Mayhem Festival in 2010 and later joined and finished Uproar Festival on the Jägermeister Stage.


On April 18, 2011 The Athiarchists were featured on MTV Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, where they join Dyrdek and the cast of the show to create supergroup The Bleeding Frogs who cruise around Los Angeles playing rebel shows to surprised fans. In 2011 the band performed on the Revolver Stage at Mayhem Festival after All Shall Perish cancelled.  After July, they finished the tour headlining the Jägermeister stage in place of In Flames.  They accomplished all of this while simultaneously performing 3-4 times daily underneath the Metal Mulisha Motocross jump show at Mayhem Festival.


After a well-earned break the band took a hiatus from touring before breaking back into the scene where they left off, doing 5 shows in 2 days during 41.5 Fest in August 2014, followed by Knotfest in San Bernardino, CA where they played multiple times a day and became the campground hosts for “Maggot Ville.” They tour regularly around the West Coast and played 2015 Warped Tour (Portland/Seattle.)  The band was recently added to the Bogota Grind Death Fest XIV slated for November 14th 2015 in Bogota, Columbia. In a shockingly rapid delivery the band wrote, recorded, mixed and dropped their latest album ‘War’ which was released to a sold out crowd in Eugene, Oregon on a Monday Night and features track “November” with guest Old E from MENDO DOPE.  Next was the premiere of the video for “Echo” filmedin Southern California; with a rebel vibe it epitomizes the spontaneous energy this band brings to their live performance. The Athiarchists aren’t just a band, they’re a phenomenon that defies definition and requires live visualization. With their latest artwork created by vocalist/drummer Dano Lemm and featuring the words STRENGTH & HONOR, if you want the story of this band, all you have to do is listen.


Contact Info: TheAthiarchists@Gmail.com    Phone: 541-255-8028     WWW.ATHIARCHISTS.COM        MUSIC:  http://soundcloud.com/theathiarchists/sets/war